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Photography in London

I recently moved flat, albeit within walking distance of the old one, but I’m now much closer to the river.  The stretch from Battersea Park down to London Heliport holds many photogenic riches - hopefully I'll chase down that magic light by the water a lot more often this year and add to my London collection (click here for the current selection). If you are a photographer yourself and fancy joining me on a photography-focused stroll some time, send an email to!

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The Exhibitions

It’s been a busy 2019 for me and my camera. Trips to Iceland, USA and Stockholm have created a never-ending editing pile, but that’s nothing new. What is new? Exhibitions! I currently have two bars showcasing my beer-focused photography, or “beertography” if you will (you don’t have to). With a drink in hand, you can peruse the prints for free and read about my travels in search of tasty brews. You can even purchase one to take home if you so wish (Matt’s gotta eat). And if you see anything you like, but fancy it in a different size, don’t hesitate to contact me ( Where are they? At the time of writing, you can find my prints up at The Pigeon,...

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